Today i got up about 9:45am and came out to my living room and watched some tv. I then got in the shower at 10:15am. I put on my uniform and waited till 10:45 when i hopped into my car and drove to Burger King where i work as a Product Coordinator. I was there for an hour and a half doing dishes then i got sent home because it was very slow. My friend Nick and i were getting the dishes done. I came home and i made me some leftover spinach casserole from last night. It was good. That is the only dish i really know how to make and that is because my gf told me how to do it last night, lol. Then my dad called me, I havent heard from him in a few days so it was good hearing from him again. My uncle in Las Vegas is coming to visit my dad on Wednesday and they are coming to my place to visit me. Then my gf came over and we got hot jalapeno bratwurst at the store. It is made right there so it was very fresh and delicious. Then we organized my storage tub full of random stuff. Now we are just sitting here doing nothing. Tomorrow i am off and i might just watch Netflix. I do have to run to my moms to drop off my laundry. Other than that i am not really doing anything.

On October 12th we ( my gf and i) are going to be going to Detroit Mi for a concert. We are seeing Stars In Stereo, Throw The Fight, Black Veil Brides. Bullet For My Valentine. I just reciently bought a new digital camera so i will post pictures of the show when it happens. It is about 4 hours from here to there. We will be getting a room in Roseville because i dont want to drive back the same night and there is a IHOP next door so food will be covered. THEN on October 30 we are going to Flint Mi to see Mushroomhead. It is their 20th anniversary. AND they are bringing back there old singer JMANN. He is i guess staying with the band so they will have 3 lead singers along with all the rest of the band. Totally excited for this show more than Bullet For My Valentine.
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looking for friends :)

My name is John, I live in Alpena, Michigan, I am 31, I need friends.
I am interested in reading, listening to music, watching movies.
If anyone is interested in being on my friends list add me :)